Found the perfect tarot deck for me. 🔮✨ #newwavetarot #tarot

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I spent AGES looking for a decent Harry Potter Tarot. One that was thoughtful and meaningful, with beautiful art. And you guys…I found it. An artist who literally lives just off of the street I used to live on made a full 78 deck of Harry Potter tarot cards. Her name is Eleonore Pieper, and you can see the rest of the deck on her deviantart account.

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soooooo… piperaless pointed this deck out to me — the City Mystic • New York: Tarot Deck, on Kickstarter. It ends in 16 days, but hasn’t reached its goal yet. I don’t think I’m going to be able to pledge for it (noooo!) but I thought I’d show it to you guys in case you wanted to jump on it! 



Shut the front door! The sister #Tarot deck to the #deviant moon tarot. I want I want

According to Facebook, the print run for these are 333 decks (with more to possibly come NEXT YEAR) and only about 80 spots are left, so if you want this….I’d get it on it now!

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#30daytarotpic challenge - Day 30 - A letter to your future self - it’s short and sweet but it doesn’t need to be long to be powerful #tarot #tarotdeck #cheimonettetarot

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The Universal Goddess Tarot


30 Day Tarot Pic ChallengeDay 7 — A Card That Represents Your Day

I couldn’t pick one so I went with a bunch of them, haha. Cards are from the Book of Shadows Tarot, Volume 02 — So BelowI don’t actually remember this day. But I basically do this every day, haha, so I guess it doesn’t matter?

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Tell-Me Tarot

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30 Day Tarot Pic ChallengeDay 28 — With a Beverage of Your Choice

I wanted Pink Lemonade when I took this picture. I have it now, but…the picture’s already taken, so…This card is actually one of the ones that sold me on the Housewives Tarot. I didn’t even see it, I just got a description of it and knew that I’d love it.

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30 Day Tarot Pic ChallengeDay 24 — Your First Deck

My first deck was the Mythic Tarot, and I miss it all of the time. The app is a small comfort though!

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