#30daytarotpic challenge - Day 30 - A letter to your future self - it’s short and sweet but it doesn’t need to be long to be powerful #tarot #tarotdeck #cheimonettetarot

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The Universal Goddess Tarot


30 Day Tarot Pic ChallengeDay 7 — A Card That Represents Your Day

I couldn’t pick one so I went with a bunch of them, haha. Cards are from the Book of Shadows Tarot, Volume 02 — So BelowI don’t actually remember this day. But I basically do this every day, haha, so I guess it doesn’t matter?

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Tell-Me Tarot

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30 Day Tarot Pic ChallengeDay 28 — With a Beverage of Your Choice

I wanted Pink Lemonade when I took this picture. I have it now, but…the picture’s already taken, so…This card is actually one of the ones that sold me on the Housewives Tarot. I didn’t even see it, I just got a description of it and knew that I’d love it.

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30 Day Tarot Pic ChallengeDay 24 — Your First Deck

My first deck was the Mythic Tarot, and I miss it all of the time. The app is a small comfort though!

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30 Day Tarot Pic ChallengeDay 27 — A Card You Dislike

I wasn’t sure if I should do a card that I dislike in general or a specific card I wish was better done. So I did a card that accomplishes both.

This is Temperance, from the Steampunk Tarot. Temperance is probably my least favourite card in the tarot, which is funny for a handful of reasons, but we don’t need to get into that.

But my real complaint is this — the Steampunk Tarot isn’t afraid to break from traditional Waite Colman Smith imagery, so they could have at least given me a Steampunk Alchemist here. ;~~;  What a loss. What a wasted opportunity. 

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*heavy panting*

I need this!

Bonefire Tarot

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30 Day Tarot Pic ChallengeDay 21 — The Number 21

21 cards — the court cards, the aces, and The Fool from the Light Grey Tarot.

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Morgan’s Tarot

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